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Use Baking Soda Correctly to Whiten Your Teeth

Tooth discoloration can cause discomfort when you are speaking or smiling because it has an unhealthy and unattractive aspect. The color of your teeth is given by the lower dentin layer. So, the structure of the dentin affects the color of the reflected light and gives a different shade to the teeth.Show More

Usually, yellow, gray, yellowish brown, or black with white spots teeth are a result of an improper oral hygiene. The yellowish film on the tooth surface that is the cause of the dental plaque must be properly cleaned, because it can cause other dental diseases, as tooth decay or gum inflammation.
A good and effective treatment for teeth whitening is baking soda. If you rinse your mouth 5-6 times per day with baking soda, you can avoid surgery, because it has an effective result against inflammation of the periosteum and helps against toothache.
Baking soda contains the abrasive properties of crystals. So, when your rinse your mouth with it, it has the effect of grinding your teeth. This way, the enamel will begin to shine and the yellow stains will be removed. You can avoid cavities and eliminate bacteria with baking soda.
It is recommended to place a few grams of baking soda on your toothbrush and rub gently before you start brushing. Do this procedure just once every 10 days because it has an abrasive effect and can damage your teeth if you repeat it too often. You can see the results after the first wash.
You can also use cotton dipped in baking soda to blot your teeth and remove the yellow stains. Another way to use baking soda is to mix it with water and salt and to use the mixture as tooth paste for whitening.

Use Baking Soda Correctly to Whiten Your Teeth

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