Nature Best Antibiotics and how to use

Garlic is an herb with a very high value food with a spicy flavor and unmistakable aroma. The name comes from the fact that garlic’s chewing causes a burning your tongue. Garlic is the most potent known natural antibiotic, in the form of pure food. Cons juice or germs of colds, flu and viruses have no chance. Breaks down phlegm, fight infections, frees sinuses, bronchi and lungs. Garlic is a potent antibiotic with a range of health benefits. Unlike chemical antibiotics that kill millions of friendly bacteria in your body, garlic kills only bacteria unfriendly. Garlic also encourages and increases levels of healthy bacteria. It is a powerful antifungal agent that destroys any antigen, causing a wide range of diseases. A plant is so strong that when it is rubbed on one’s feet quickly enter the blood and may have a beneficial effect in the lungs. A poultice of garlic put on the feet is very good for scaring off coughs and colds. Is made by passing a few cloves of garlic, mixing them with a little olive oil and applying the mixture on the soles. Since ancient times known benefits of garlic is considered a wonder drug, drug-food, because of its nutritional and healing. It is indicated in the treatment of warts, corns, wounds, ulcers, and for healing infections and inflammation caused by insect stings and bites. Scientists have conducted several studies and the results showed that when eating garlic morning on an empty stomach before eating or drinking, will do nothing but strengthen your body, acting as a natural antibiotic extremely loud. Garlic not only regulates the flow, but has the power to prevent various heart problems, stimulating and good functioning of the liver and bladder. It is effective in treating stomach problems such as diarrhea. Some people even claim that garlic is a great remedy for nerve problems, but only when consumed on an empty stomach. In alternative medicine garlic is considered to be the most effective foods when it comes to detoxification. Consumption of garlic on an empty stomach will make you strengthen your respiratory tract. Effective in the prevention and cure of tuberculosis, asthma, pneumonia, common cold, bronchitis, pulmonary congestion and cough. Best results are obtained if eaten raw.

Nature Best Antiobiotics and how to use

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