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Natural Remedies for Pink Eye

Pink eye is a fairly common eye infection, manifested as a result of inflammation of the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane that covers the white of the eye. It is a contagious disease that causes irritation and discomfort in the eye. At your computer and TV, reading affects our eyes. If we account pollution, stress and poor nutrition is understandable why we always irritated eyes, red and swollen. Therefore, we need some natural remedies to help us regain eye health.
Potatoes are rich in starch. It acts as an anti-inflammatory to relieve irritated eyes. All you have to do is to peel potatoes peel, wash it and let it dry. Cut thin slices and applied to the eye in the evening before going to bed 15 minutes. Equally good is and potato juice, but should be used immediately, for oxidizes very quickly.
Cold water or milk
Eye wash with cold water is another remedy beneficial. Cold water calms blood vessels and swollen eyes. And milk is very effective when we have red and swollen eyes. Soak two cotton pads in milk and keep them on your eyes for 15 minutes.
Breast milk has antibacterial properties and is recommended antiinflamatory and treat clogged tear ducts and mild conjunctivitis, red eye. In this case successfully replace antibiotic milk.
Remedy sesame oil
Half cup of sesame oil, heating it until it is warm enough. Strain it through several layers of cheesecloth. Allow to cool until warm. Using a pipette, put 3 drops of oil in each eye.

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