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Natural botox for wrinkles

Experts say that the mask based carrot juice is just as effective as treatment with Botox. Antioxidants prevent cell damage in carrots. Thus, these vegetables keep skin elasticity. Also carrots and contribute to create new cells, so actually, rejuvenate skin. Because vitamin A, carrots help your skin not only be protected from the sun, but it and moisturize and help heal wounds, removing pimples on the face and prevent infections. Show More

If you do not juicer, carrots laughing over a plate lined with gauze, gauze and squeeze then assembled heads. Remove tired appearance and superficial wrinkles, leaving skin smooth, firm and elastic. Basically, the same effect as in the case of Botox treatment. The mask should be neither too thin nor too thick, paste-like, manageable and stretched face. Mix the starch with half a glass of water. Separately, boil 400 ml of water and let it cool slightly but not completely. Add cornstarch in water and let it simmer until the mixture thickens. When cool, add carrot juice, cream and teaspoon of honey, blend ingredients. Remove your makeup and apply the mask on the face and neck. The rest is kept in a refrigerator. Leave it on for 25-30 minutes then rinse with warm water and apply cream you use routinely. You will notice that your skin is more elastic, smoother and brighter. In addition, wrinkles will fade.

Natural botox for wrinkles

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