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How to use ice to get rid of belly fat

Between brown and white fats, the ones that are visible on your belly, thigs and on the back of the arms are the white fats. A lot of people tried many methods of getting rid of belly fat, but nothing seemed to work. We have a good and effective procedure that can help you with your problem!
Scientists proved that cold temperature eliminates white fats.  So, sitting in a cold room will make your white fats turn into brown tissues. It is recommended by the experts from the “Maastricht University Medical Centre” to keep the room temperature at 15-17 °C during cold season, because this way your body won’t stop from burning fats.
Use the ice therapy at home by applying ice compresses to the areas with fatty tissues. After you wrap the ice with a thin cloth, leave it on for 30 to 60 minutes. This way you are burning and eliminating the fats from the body. For good results, repeat the procedure daily for 12 days.
You have to be carefully with ice, because it is possible to get frostbite. This usually causes numbness of the skin, redness, pain and other symptoms. If this happens, warm the place slightly using a blanket or warm compresses.
Ice therapy works great with physical exercises and a balanced diet. You have to be more carefully with this therapy if you suffer from vascular diseases. So, if you have low blood pressure, ask a doctor if it’s ok for you to do it.

How to use ice to GET RID OF BELLY FAT

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