Most of the domestic thermal burns are caused by contact with hot liquids and pans and the rest by direct contact with flame. The severity of the burn depends on its depth, varying according to the intensity and duration of exposure. Minor burns, such as those produced accidentally in cooking, can be treated quickly and effectively with honey. Its properties feeding and regeneration of skin make honey to speed up tissue healing, without leaving scars. Methods for treating burns which I present below were used and tested since hundreds of years, with excellent results in many cases.
In light burns initially appear mild redness and swelling, followed in a few days manifestations disappear, sometimes leaving behind a brown stain. A mild burning, Grade 1 and 2 passes through water to cool the affected area. It rubbed with olive oil, egg white and powdered with flour dry place. A cold metal held on the burned area relieves pain. Honey is very good.

Burning Brush with honey.

Shown is that any burning to remain free, uncovered, but if you can not this put a plastic sheet over honey, and only then wrap the, repeat the operation in the morning and evening, after he soaked place with linden tea or chamomile. Mix corn flour and wheat bran with water and apply them on the affected skin. This is a good remedy for burns and naturally. Aloe vera is a plant that is used and burns. Repeat, no remnants and restore beautiful skin. Almost the same effect has a strip of raw zucchini.

How to treat your burns

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