How to make naturally soap for face

Natural soap is an excellent option to replace cosmetics found in trade and give your skin a natural care. Whether you want a recipe for natural soap for personal use or try these recipes for homemade gifts to give their loved ones unforgettable riches of nature, producing natural soap is a fun and healthy way to spend your time. In commercial soaps or shower gels contain a lot of chemicals that, if you read the list of ingredients, you did not you would never wish on your skin. Removing impurities is the first step in skin care, but using ordinary soap, we risk was drying and skin irritation. Depending on the type of skin, is recommended to be mild soaps containing fatty substances, or soap-free products, labeled “sans savon” or “soap-free”. Women and men alike, should depart twice daily dead cells, bacteria, dust, sweat and sebum that accumulates on the facial skin. This can be done either by washing the face with soap and water, or by cleansing. By simple water rinsing on face, for example, the skin can not be cleaned effectively. It can give to washing with soap and water for demachierii, but the latter removes fewer microorganisms. On the other hand, the use of soap may do more harm than good if you do not know how to make the right choice.┬áThe pH of skin is about 5.5, so it is slightly acidic. Conventional soaps have an alkaline pH, which can reach a value of more than 10. After their use, the skin pH increase promoted the development of pathogens it is at this level, at the expense of the normal flora which exists on the surface of the skin.┬áBut the good news is you can make a homemade soap based on coconut oil with which to wash your face morning and night to clean your skin.


1 part coconut oil,

1 part shea butter,

1 part beeswax scented,

essential oils.

Put ingredients in a jar that sits it in a saucepan with water to bainmarie. Heat until the ingredients are melted. You can add your favorite essential oils give the soap a perfume. Pour mixture into silicone molds. You can use on the muffin unless you have other things on hand. Let cool and harden, then remove soaps.

How to make naturally soap for face



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