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How to Detox your Hair

The charcoal made from raw materials with high carbon content – peat, coconut shell.
This type of coal helps to purify, disinfect and eliminate all toxins from activated felul.Carbunele is one of the most nontoxic and adsorbent substances known to man. It binds and removes poisons from the body, improves intestinal health.To detoxify the hair you need: two to three capsules of activated charcoal (if capsule gummy then it is already crushed, if it comes into buffered form, you have to grind you), a half teaspoon of black clay and teaspoon and a half of water – boiled and then cooled.
Mix all ingredients in a bowl – preferably with a plastic or wooden spoon until a smooth paste is black.
Once you’ve washed your hair with ordinary shampoo and skin is still a little wet, you apply the mask on your hair. Lay it on all your hair, then leave it on for up to 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After you’ve rinsed the shampoo wash your mask and you can apply a hair conditioner. Coal has the advantage of being much cheaper than other professional methods, but is less toxic.

How to detox your hair

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