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Get rid of toxins through with Homemade Detox

The feet are related to internal organs. The points on the soles have a link corresponding to a specific part of the body. Because often wearing shoes, these points are rarely stimulated. You can open these pathways and help to purify the internal organs. To stay healthy, you need to do, regular detoxification cures that will help you strengthen and immune system. Eliminate toxins from the body not only by giving up certain foods. Learn how you can get rid of harmful substances from the body through the feet.

Treatment with baking soda, salt, castor oil and water

Ingredients :

-2 tablespoons of baking soda

-2 tablespoons of Epsom salt

-10 drops of castor oil

– 5-6 liters of water

Bring the water in a bowl, mix the ingredients well and will keep the feet in this mixture for 20 -30 minutes. On completion process will they legs wrapped in a thick blanket. This process helps to clean thoroughly the body, stimulates circulation.


Get rid of toxins through with Homemade Detox

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