DIY Natural Facial Toner

Facials play a key role in your skin care routine, regardless of its type. Soft and rich in vitamins, tonics lotions are a blessing for health and beauty, with unique therapeutic properties and numerous benefits.Toner has the ability to close the pores and reduce wrinkles and fine lines that inevitably come with time. Moreover, it can help to protect your face smoke, pollution or other environmental toxins. Experts recommend that if using toners of trade to avoid eye area. In case of any signs of redness and itching or burning unpleasant senzatiii check the ingredients in the lotion composition and contact a dermatologist. You may be forced to seek a special lotion designed for sensitive skin type, such as one that contains rosewater or you can choose yourself only natural ingredients that your skin them flawlessly. Toner is one of skin care cosmetics which experts have different opinions. Disposal of soap, minimize pores, improve skin tone are just a few benefits that you can provide the use of toners. If you want to try the miraculous effect of using such a product and it Zinica include routine skin care without paying a price that would destabilize your budget, we offer a simple, cost-effective. Before attempting preparing such recipes toners, even at home, it is important to know what type of skin you have to know what kind of lotion fits. Those who have dry or sensitive skin should stay away from highly acidic ingredients that could cause irritation or could intensify existing problems. Therefore it is advisable to avoid using apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, alcohol, acid and other similar ingredients. On the other hand, facials, water roses are considered a suitable alternative for all skin types.

 Used regularly and adapted to the specific skin, tonic aims to balance the pH of the skin to clean deep pores and imprison, reduce sebum secretion and to energize skin cells, stimulating blood circulation and protecting the skin on throughout the day. Use tonic slows the formation of wrinkles and helps maintain firmness top layer of the epidermis.


1 tablespoon of aloe gel,

1 tablespoon of cucumber juice,

¼ tablespoon cornstarch,

1 tablespoon of powdered sage.

Mix cucumber juice with aloe and starch. Heat for one minute in the microwave. Add sage spoon, mix well and let the mixture cool. You will get a cream-gel transparency. Apply with a cotton pad on face and leave on for 15-20 minutes. You can store the mixture in the refrigerator.

DIY Natural Facial Toner


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