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DIY Homemade Body Wrap

Cellulite affects up to 90% of women, the most vulnerable areas are the thighs and arms. How many of you can not change risk factors for cellulitis, you should pay great importance to food and avoid those products that can aggravate cellulite and cellulite turn to solutions that you can apply at home. Hormonal changes of pregnancy, rapid weight gain and fetal development in the basin disturb vessels that compress the venous circulation and worsening skin rash padded. Before any packing is exfoliation with sea salt to allow better penetration of active substances to the skin. You can only prepare a scrub, mixing sea salt, olive oil and lemon juice or coffee grounds with olive oil or coffee grounds with honey or brown sugar with honey.

1. Wraps with anti-cellulite cream. Use an anti-cellulite cream, massage and wrap well with foil problem areas. It is advisable to wait as long as (1 hour) to favor transpiration. Do not take a shower in the next 6 hours after you have removed the foil.

2. Wraps with coffee and olive oil. Heat the olive oil, mix it with coffee powder, apply on problem areas and then wrap with plastic wrap. Allow 15-30 minutes to act, then take a shower. These wraps tones the body, stimulate ability to burn fat, accelerate metabolism and eliminate excess retained water.

3. Wraps with cocoa butter or shea butter. Use cocoa butter or shea butter unrefined massage problem areas, wrap them with foil and leave it as much. Finally it is best not to take a shower 6-8 hours to allow active substances act.

4. Wraps with cocoa and olive oil. Heat the olive oil, mix it with cocoa, applied to problem areas and cover them with plastic wrap. Allow to act 30 minutes, after which you can take a shower.

5. Seaweed wraps and olive oil. Heat oil, mix it with powdered seaweed and 2-3 drops of lemon essential oil. Apply on problem areas, is packed and leave to act 30 minutes, then take a shower.

DIY Homemade Body Wrap


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