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DIY Anti-Aging Hand Cream

Hand skin is affected by various factors: prolonged exposure to sun and cold, dense use of detergents. Most of us are concerned about skin care wrinkles and delaying as long as possible, but do not pay attention to as high hands, which, unfortunately, are the first to show signs of aging. Experts say that neglect their hands can lead to premature aging. To avoid this problem we must take better care of hands. Hand to provide care and more complete hydration and prevent their premature aging, use this miracle ointment.


First dissolve in one liter of warm water 2 tablespoons of salt and hold hands in this solution for 10 minutes. Then wipe hands with a towel and brush with an ointment consisting of: 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon oil. After 20 minutes wash hands with warm water. The effect is stunning : skin becomes smooth and elastic, and cracks will disappear.

DIY Anti Aging Hand Cream


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