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Cold weather beauty tips

During winter skin needs special care to ,, face “low temperatures outside.

1. Hydration throughout the day

Winter must choose moisturizing creams intense, slightly greasy.
Cream chosen must not only moisturize the skin but also to protect against cold air outside. Choose a lotion and body like that to apply immediately after a shower, before you remove the towel.

2. Attention to hair care

To protect ourselves from the cold, most of the winter we use to cover our head caps, which can affect the appearance, but also his health. In most cases, winter hair becomes dry, brittle.
Therefore, we should avoid, as far as manageable, hair dryer. After the bath, dab with a towel softer hair and leave it to dry freely at room temperature.

3. Lips

Like skin, lips suffer from the cold during the cold season. Therefore, the kit with care products should not be missing lip balm. It is best to choose one that has SPF protection factor of 15, and antiseptic that helps heal chapped lips. A good conditioner ,, treatment “for chapped lips is the one that contains propolis or tea tree oil.

4. Use oils

A great and refreshing way to give whole-body hydration, so necessary in winter is the use of bath oils. The skin will absorb moisture from the oil, leaving skin silky smooth and soft whenever you exit the tub.

5. Hydration hands

And the hands, feet, elbows and knees need special care in winter. Indicated products contain shea butter, mineral oil, glycerin and petrolatum.
For extra protection during the day, experts recommend applying the lotion before bed, cover your hands with gloves and feet with socks, so creams to moisturize.

Cold weather beauty tips

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