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Best homemade stretch marks remedy

Whether you have stretch marks on arms, abdomen, breasts, thighs or buttocks know that you struggle to get rid of them. In fact, stretch marks occur when there is a weight fluctuation, especially when you gain weight suddenly. Stretch marks can be described that the lines that appear on the skin surface, the color darker than the natural color of the skin. They occur mostly on the abdomen, below the navel, but may be affected and thighs and breasts. You can try simple home remedy that really blurs the appearance of stretch marks.

Coffee, cocoa and almond oil – is the best remedy prevents stretch marks and moisturize of the skin. These ingredients activates blood circulation and accelerate healing of skin, smoothing the skin. Mix all ingredients and rub in a circular motion and delicate problem areas. Try to be patient and five minutes massaging each area with stretch marks.  The advantage is that natural methods are less expensive, and gives visible effects.

Best homemade stretch marks remedy

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