Best home remedies for herpes

Herpes appears to be caused by herpes simplex virus and not only appears in the corner of the mouth, but also around the eyes or genitals. Herpes is a real problem arises when you do not want. No need to panic, to run the pharmacy immediately or use tons of foundation. There is a natural remedy that and grandmother use. Most cases, the infection goes away by itself within a few days, but there are some natural remedies that promote healing and attenuates the intensity of symptoms. Also, you should know that he can be contacted manner both direct and indirect. Herpes is not only unsightly and embarrassing, but can lead to serious illnesses, so it is good to get rid of it immediately appears. To act quickly, you can try to get rid of unwanted bulge with remedies that you have safe house. I will present some remedies that will help you get rid of herpes.


This is perhaps the most famous natural method of removing the enemy that you itch. You can use it simple, applying it directly to the area you’re upset because you moisturizes the skin and has antioxidant, but it is recommended to heat a measure of olive oil with lavender oil and beeswax. After the mixture has cooled, you can apply it on the area where herpes.

Baking soda

It is a natural remedy for a lot of problems, and herpes had no way to make an exception. You just have to take a cotton pad or a cotton cloth to sink in baking soda and apply herpes. So, your skin will dry and blister will not leak.

Corn starch

And it is among the most effective natural treatments for herpes because the herpes and skin absorbs fluid, which leads to forgetting itching. Because starch to get rid of herpes, use it as baking soda.

Best home remedies for herpes

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